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Dates for your diary:

Thursday, 11 April 2019:  CIM Proposal submission deadline

Tuesday, 14 May 2019:  Celebration of Learning (4pm – 7pm, ACS Cobham Campus)


The Centre for Inspiring Minds (CIM) supports the development of education professional by engaging them in purposeful collaboration that is:

  • Student Centred.  Challenging project teams to frame research questions in terms of what students need education professionals to do to more effectively support their learning and development.
  • Research Focused.  Enabling project teams to interpret and apply relevant educational research and to use action research to contribute to the evidence base that guides the school’s evolving understanding of effective teaching and learning.
  • Inclusive and Participative.  Involving relevant stakeholders in project development, implementation and evaluation, and recognising the social nature of learning and its role in sustaining a vibrant school culture.
  • Practice-based.  Directing project teams to research aspects of professional practice that are within their sphere of influence and control, and building an evidence base for wider systemic change.

CIM processes are based on a simple three-step model of school development: investigate, innovate, and inspire.

Investigate.  The investigate stage begins with defining an researching the research topic.  This begins with an analysis of student learning needs and an awareness of emerging evidence-based practices that may enhance student learning.

Innovate.  The innovate stage involves applying what has been learned to classroom practice.  The term innovation refers to the process of translating and applying a new strategy, with demonstrable effectiveness, for the purpose of improving teaching and learning.

Inspire.  The inspire stage involves communicating action research findings through publications and presentations.  While the primary focus of action research is improved learner outcomes, some action research results may be of value to other education professionals.


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