Advocacy for Student Learning

Project Leader

Laura Mullertz, Student – ACS Cobham International School


Bo Wood (Cobham)

 Research question

How do students entering high school benefit from an understanding of the neuroscience of teen brain development and learning theories related to learning differences?

In spring 2014, rising ACS Cobham High School junior, Laura Mullertz, approached the Centre for Inspiring Minds with an idea for a student-led project on ‘learning styles.’ Laura had learned about the ‘multiple intelligences’ work of Howard Gardner, had observed learning differences among young children she was tutoring, and had wondered whether older students’ understanding of this and other learning theories and their practical application could make them better advocates for their own learning.

 Research method

Not defined (at December 2015)

 Status (at December 2015)

A literature review was commissioned and completed in spring 2015.

Due to the demanding nature of this student’s chosen academic path, the research project has been paused several times to allow for concentrated focus on course work. This project is planned to resume activity in January 2016.