Innovative Learning and Assessment Strategies

Personalisation and creative engagement in Visual Art

This literatuve review by Jacob Watson, an artist, educator, and facilitator with roots in Chicagfo and Boston, and currently a Research Assitant at Project Zero at Harvard’s Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, focuses on how should the visual arts be taught in a high school context?

The review has been prepared to support Cyrus Iravani, High School Art Teacher at ACS Cobham International School, as he leads an action research project investigating how the use of academic language and learning outcomes focused on “Habits of Mind of Creative Engagement” in Grades 9 and 10 Visual Arts classes affects students’ self-reported development and teacher-assessed development of learning behaviors associated with creative engagement.

Lifting Music off the Page (Developing aural literacy)

This literature review has been written by Middle School Music Teacher, Simon Cook who is leading an action research project investigating the question “How does the use of non-prescriptive musical prompts improve middle and high school student musicians’ aural literacy”.

The aim of the research is to investigate how alternative music ensemble teaching strategies may help student instrumentalists think in sound, and connect what they hear in their heads with what they play on their instruments.

 Leadership and Learning for Sustainability

This review has been developed to support an ongoing effort to develop whole school approaches to Learning for Sustainability (LfS) at ACS Cobham International School, with the aspiration to expand the scope of the project to inclue the other ACS international Schools in Doha, Egham and Hillingdon.

This review has been prepared by consultant, Liz Jackson, a sessional lecturer for the Education for Sustainability (EfS) Masters in the School of Law and Social Sciences at London South Bank University. Liz specialises in understanding different ways of thinking and learning, and how they can be applied to analysing values and culturally dependent approaches to sustainability, with a particular focus on social and environmental justice and human rights. Liz is a former Head of Education with WWF-UK. There she looked at how EfS practice and knowledge could be embedded in schools through teacher development and a whole school approach through school leadership. This work included research for the UK’s National College for School Leadership on models of leadership that promote sustainable schools.

The role of technology in self-directed learning

ACS International schools has embraced emerging computer-based information and communications technologies (ICT) since they first became available to schools.  Programmatically, our schools address technology both as a subject (learning about ICT) and as a tool to support lernig across the curriculum (learning for ICT).  It is the relationship between these two that lies at the heartt of a nnew action research proect based in the ACS Cobham Middle School.  At what point does learing about ICT prepare students to self direct their own use of ICT to curate and support their learning.


This literature review has been prepared by consultant, Heather Francis, a graduate in Ed.M in Mind, brain and Education at Harvard University.

 Co-teaching Reading

This literature review was prepared for a practitionerlet action research project investigating the question, “How does the use of co-teaching strategies affect grade 2 reading achievement, engagement and enjoyment?”

The literature review has been written by Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, MA, EdM, a researcher, artist, and educator who investigates factors that foster student learning and well-being across the lifespan.

Service Learning and Critical Thinking

This literature review was written by Deanna Milne, High School Humanities teacher and CAS Coordinator at ACS Doha International School. In May 2014, Deanna successfully completed a Masters of Education at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.  Her action research project, “Service Learning and Critical Thinking: International versus Local,’ investigated the qualities of student service learning experiences arising from international and locally-based projects.

Cognitive and non-cognitive learning factors

This literature review was written by Katherine Poynton, a graduate from the Human Development and Psychology program at Harvard Graduate School of Education, in support of cim’s Advocacy for Student Learning project, led by Laura Mullertz.

Sexuality and Relationships Education (SRE)

This literature review focuses on what is known about effective Sexuality and Relationships Education (SRE). It has been written by Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder,  an international trainer, consultant and author in the areas of sexuality education, curriculum development, teacher training and counseling.  Elizabeth is one of the founders of the American Journal of Sexuality Education, former chair of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) and past Executive Director for Answer, a project of Rutgers University providing comprehensive sexuality education across the United States. She earned an EdD with a specialisation in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University, in Delaware, and a Master’s Degree in clinical Social Work from New York University.