Assessing Skills and Dispositions

ACS schools are dynamic learning communities. Our character is built on integrity, open-mindedness, and empathy. We welcome people of all cultures from around the world to create a powerful, shared experience that shapes the way we teach and learn, and actively defines our international character.  In defining our expected school-wide learning results (ESLRs) we build the knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions that prepare our students to make a difference. This means that every ACS International Schools student is becoming: an effective learner; a confident individual; and, a caring contributor.

Since the introduction of the ESLRs, we have looked for a suitable tool to help students assess these essential learning outcomes– an inquiry that is even more urgent as we further develop ACS’s long-term education strategy.  This year, we are part of a very select group of international schools piloting the SELF+e (Social Emotional Learning Factors + enhancements), a new assessment developed by RAD Science Solution. We are planning to administer this web-based instrument students in grades 8 and 9, between 18 March and 29 March. (ACS teachers in those grades will also be invited to take the SELF+e so that they can understand the instrument and plan more effectively how to help students interpret and use their individual reports.)

The SELF+e assessment is designed to measure the skills that colleges/universities and employers identified applicants are lacking and are proven important for life success.  Both science and evidence-based practice suggest five particularly important social and emotional learning (SEL) skills can be developed to ensure success in school, college/university, the workplace, and everyday life.   These are:

  1. Work Ethic/Conscientiousness: How hard you work, plan and get things done;
  2. Teamwork/Agreeableness: How much you care about others and like to be part of a team;
  3. Stress Tolerance/Emotional Stability: How tolerant you are of stress and remain composed even when things appear to be going against you;
  4. Curiosity/Openness: How curious you are, how open you are to new ideas, and seek creative outlets; and
  5. Communication Style/Extraversion: How sociable and communicative you generally are.

SELF+e is a computer-based assessment that collects student responses to a series of questions and scenarios about how they might describe themselves or act in various situations.  The purpose of the assessment is to help the students first learn about and then develop themselves through the lens of the five SEL skills.

Students will receive an individual report and will work with their advisors or study course teachers to consider ways they can use the feedback from the assessment to set the work toward appropriate personal goals.

If you have any questions please contact your campus representative listed below:

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