Intercultural Competency

Project Leaders

Fran Bidwell, ACS Cobham, Special Programmes Coordinator  (

Ginger Haag, ACS Cobham High School, IB Literature Teacher  (


None (at December 2015)

Research question

How can high school Service Learning participants develop cultural competencies in themselves and foster them in others?

From autumn 2012 through spring 2014, Fran Bidwell led a four-campus discussion about the role of global citizenship and global competencies across the ACS International Schools. Over the course of the 2014 – 2015 school year, Fran Bidwell and Ginger Haag participated in a new Global Competency Certificate (GCC) program, developed by the Teachers College at Columbia University. The prestigious 15-month program is designed to develop teachers who are highly effective in teaching global competencies.

Research method

Not defined (at December 2015)

 Status (at December 2015)

After taking on the project, the investigators teaching schedules changed and they have been working to refine and define their research question and method to take account of their shared responsibility for contributing to students exploration of the nature of knowledge and how what we know what we claim to know. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is both a compulsory course in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and a component of other courses, including Studies in Language and Literature. The investigators are drafting a module sequence that addresses four intercultural competencies developed by an ACS team of educators and education leaders over the past two years. The investigators plan to develop and deliver one module and to use data collection methods to assess to which a module approach can contribute to students development of intercultural competencies.

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