Integrated Math

Research Question

How does Integrated Mathematics contribute to the development of grade 10 students’ ability and skills in problem solving and promoting a growth mathematical mindset?

  • The ACS Cobham High School Mathematics curriculm has consdiered, but does not currently use an integrated Math curriculum.  Integrated mathematics is the term used in the United States to describe the style of mathematics education which integrates topics in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and analysis throughout each year of secondary school.
  • In day-to-day problem solving, where mathematics are involved, individuals are using math concepts from different math disciplines, in contrast to the way Mathematics is traditionally taught in secondary schools.  In the real world, including post-seondary education, a mere knowledge of mathematics is insufficient.
  • Students who do not have the opportunity to discover Math concepts for themselves may not develop a mastery of math needed for post-secondary learning and work.
  • A fixed minset, regarding the development of Mathematics competencies, may be linked to the fragmented and linear progression of traditional Mathematics course sequences and distinctions between ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ courses.


Project Update

Project put on hold due to project leader time constraints.  No plans currently to restart.


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