CIM Projects

An evidence-informed approach to continuous improvement is at the heart of the self-directed professional growth that defines a Centre for Inspiring Minds (CIM) poject. In the past this has involved the use of Action Research methods to investigate research questions and develop and assess innovative intervantions. As CIM continues to evolve in response to the needs and interests of the school’s education professionals, future projects may also use other methods such as Lesson Study to address emerging teaching and learning challenges.

Our project library is organised by the year in which they were researched, click on the year to access details about each project.  Recognising that time is something with educators have little of, each project has a number of resources which will enable you to gain an overview of the project depending on how much time you have.


CIM Projects 2018/2019

Cultivating Caring Contributors;  Cultivating Growth Mindset and Happiness;  Co-teaching Reading and Math;  Individualising Language Learning;  Personalising Art Learning


CIM Projects 2017/2018

Assessing Skills and Dispositions;  Assessing Technology Impact;  Co-teaching Reading;  Developing Aural Literacy;  Developing Math Literacies;  Engaging with Identity Languages;  Initiating Teacher Transition


CIM Project 2016/2017

Asssessing Skills and Dispositions;  Engaging with Linguistic Diversity;  Evaluating SRE Impact;  Understanding Student Perspectives;  Understanding Student Reactions to Learning


CIM Projects 2015/2016

Approaches to Non-Cognitive Learning;  Collaboration for Engagement and Enjoyment;  Cultural Identity and Intercultural Interaction;  Evaluating SRE Programme Outcomes;  Mission Skills Assessmeent II;  Native Language Enrichment Tutor Development;  Student Reflections Continuum;  Target Language Communication


CIM Projects 2014/2015

Mission Skills Assessment 1;  Native Language Enrichment;  Outdoor Learning;  Student Dialogue (Talking in Class);  Student Reflection;  Technology Integration