Please note that these explorations are not currently available.  An announcement will be made when they are again available.

In the meantime, please look out for our peer-led explorations which will be offered during 2018/2019.


CIM has introduced a new approach to its research-focused professional development offer – professional development by request.

We will continue to develop and offer professional development courses that build practitioners’ capacity to use teacher-directed observation, lesson study and action research to support their professional growth goals.  We will continue to deliver these both face-to-face at our campus locations, as well as virtually where appropriate.  But we will not develop a schedule for their delivery, instead we will deliver (and devleop) our courses by request.

To request a course:

  • select a course from the 2017-2018 course offerings, or identify a research-related topic you want to learn more about
  • recruit six (6) or more participants from your campus, or from across the campuses
  • contact Latifa Hassanali to schedule the course to meet the availability of the participants and the course leader.


Some courses we have already developed are listed below, click on the title to learn more about its content.

Getting Started with Action Research

Getting Started with Lesson Study

Innovative Ideas in Print

Reviewing the Literature

Designing Surveys

Analysing Surveys

Observing Student Learning

Self-managing PLCs

Introducing Structured Dialogue Protocols for Professional Collaboration