Getting Started with Lesson Study

Delivery mode face-to-face
Course length 10 hours (one full-day and one half-day)
Level all teachers and education leaders

About the course

This course introduces you to lesson study methods using activities  and planning templates acquired through participation in ccourses and events sponsored by the university College London, Institute of Education’s Lesson Study Network.

Lesson Study is one method of self-directed professional growth recommended by ACS International Schools for teachers and education leaders who are in the professional growth phase of the professional effectiveness cycle. Lesson study has its origins in the late 19th Century Japanese education system.  in Japan it remains the primary process for teachers’ continuing professional development.

Lesson Study brings together teams of three to five like-minded teachers within a school, who use academic research to identify the most effective teaching strategies for addressing specific professional practice challenges.  These teacher collaborators then work together to plan lessons that incorporate the research-informed teaching strategies.  While one person delivers the lesson, the collaborators observe students’ reactions to the lesson, and record focal observations documenting observable individual learning behaviours and outcomes.  The outcome is data-informed changes to the curriculum and/or the teaching strategies used to deliver the curriculum.

The course uses flipped learning, which involves pre-session readings and tasks.  The first full-day face-to-face session is followed by an inter-sessional task, which is shared and discussed during the second, half-day, face-to-face session.


Key features

  • Templates and reflection guides that you can use to structure your professional inquiry, and plan and manage your professional growth
  • Practical observation and data collection methods for documenting and assessing student learning
  • Professional collaboration skills for peer-to-peer conversations