Initiating Whole School Sustainability

Research Question:

How does involvement in an externally facilitated, multi-school learning community advance our aspiration to “make a difference” by learning about and engaging in whole school approaches to learning for sustainability?

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Develop a policy, action plan and plan tracker that addresses sustainability and learning for sustainability across our UK schools, and operationalise the schools’ commitments to environmental stewardship and global citizenship articulated in our shared vision, values, philosophy, and expected school-wide learning results.
  • Enhance school leaders’ sustainability-related knowledge, understanding, skills, and dispositions so that they are confident and motivated to work collaboratively to manage and model sustainability practices.
  • Establish school partnerships with like-minded schools in our area in order to strengthen our own sustainability practice through creative external collaboration.


Project Leader:

Chris Hupp,  Cobham Lower School