Innovative Ideas in Print

Delivery mode face-to-face
Course length 90 minutes
Level all teachers and education leaders

About the course

These sessions use a range of dialogue protocols and thinking routines, to introduce participants to recently published books, exploring a range of contemporary topics in teaching, learning, education and international schools.

“Innovative ideas in print” sessions were introduced in autumn 2016.  A range of titles are available to choose from, including the following:

  • Grit: the power and passion of perseverence (2016) by Angela Duckworth
  • Helping Children Succeed: what works and why (2016) by Paul Tough
  • Neuroteach: brain science and the future of education (2016) by Glen Whitman and Ian Kelleher
  • What Every Teacher Needs to Know about Psychology (2016) by David Didau and Nick Fullan
  • The Formative Five: fostering grit, empathy and other success skills every student needs (2017) by Thomas Hoerr

CIM staff also welcome the opportunity to design and deliver an “innovative ideas in print” session based on a book of your choice.

Participants will prepare for the session by reading a short excerpt from the book or publication.  During the session, the work will be discussed using a range of guided writing, listening and speaking activities.


Key features

  • In introductioin to and guided professional conversation about a provactive or research finding featured in a book aimed at raising questions about the nature and future of teaching, learning and education
  • Practical dialogue protocols and thinking routines that you can use in professional collaboration and teaching
  • Professional collaboration skills for peer-to-peer conversations