Reviewing the literature

Delivery mode face-to-face
Course length 90 minutes
Level all teachers and education leaders

About the course

These sessions use a range of dialogue protocols and thinking routines, to introduce participants to recently commissioned literature reviews, exploring a range of contemporary topics in teaching, learning, education and international schools.

“Reviewing the literature” sessions are new for 2017-2018.  A range of new literature reviews, commissioned to provide and evidence-based context for several of this year’s CIM-supported, teacher-led action research projects are available to choose from, including:

  • Assessing technology impact
  • Initiating whole school sustainability
  • Co-teaching reading
  • Engaging with identity and languages

Participants will prepare for the session by reading the literature review.  During the session, the literature review will be discussed using a range of guided writing, listening and speaking activities.


Key features

  • An introduction to and guided professional conversation about evidence-informed ideas about teaching, learning and international education
  • Practical dialogue protocols and thinking routines that you can use in professional collaboration and teaching
  • Professional collaboration skills for peer-to-peer conversations