Self-managing PLCs

Delivery mode face-to-face
Course length 90 minutes
Level all teachers and education leaders

About the course

Teachers and education professionals across our schools are engaged in professional learning communities.  They range from informal networks organised around areas of common interest to appointed groups addressing strategic objectives with specific deliverables.

This session introduces management strategies and methods for initiating, cconvening, documenting and communicating the progress, outputs and outcomes of professional learning communities.


Topics to be covered

  • Templates and protocols for managing and documenting professional collaboration
  • Collaborative goal setting (individual goal setting, giving and receiving feedback)
  • Timelines
  • Managing PLC meetings (setting agendas, time management, chairing meetings, documenting meetings)
  • Structured dialogue protocols for professional collaboration (Tuning Protocol, Atlas Protocol)
  • Visible thinking for professional collaboration
  • Documenting a “learning history”