Submitting Proposals

A call for proposals will be announced in early April of each year, with the deadline for proposals at the end of the month. Anyone can submit a proposal, including individuals leading or participating in current CIM projects. A proposal must be submitted in advance for each year that project team would like to work on a CIM project.  The closing date for proposals for projects beginning in 2018/19 is Monday, 23 April 2018.

The Practitioner-led Action Research Project Proposal Form is accompanied by the Practitioner-led Action Research Project Proposal Rubric, which sets out the criteria against which the proposal will be evaluated by CIM and the Four-Campus Head of School Committee.

There are nine criteria against which the action research project proposal will be assessed, these are:

  • Quality of the action research question
  • Measurable affect on teacher performance and student learning
  • Quality of outputs
  • Logical link between process and outcomes
  • Importance of new knowledge and skills project team members will learn
  • Previous leadership opportunities
  • Project leader’s commitment to professional inquiry and learning
  • Project leader’s commitment to the school
  • Cost

The Heads of School will select the projects that will go forward, using the averaged rubric scores to prioritise the proposals, and based on CIM staff members capacity to support projects in the coming year.