Technology Integration

Alexandra Read, Project Leader, ACS Cobham International School

How can the use of video increase technology integration in the classroom?



In the first year of this project the project leader created a video archive of technology integration lessons in the ACS Cobham Middle School. While this resource provided a valuable tool for teachers confident in their ability to incorporate innovative uses of technology tools, it revealed differences in classroom practices between teachers who are confident and teachers who lack training or confidence in technology integration.

This phase of the project investigated the question ‘How can the use of video as a professional development tool increase technology integration in the classroom?’ IT integration specialists at each of the ACS campuses worked with self-selected teachers who were interested in technology integration, but lacked the training and/or the confidence to integrate emerging technology tools into classroom based learning.



Project Team
IT integration specialists from ACS campuses were invited to join the project team. As well as having representation from each campus, the four team members each represented a different division, including Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School and High School.

Project Delivery
Each member of the project team identified three teachers at their campus to work with to plan and implement a lesson/unit integrating technology.

Participating teachers were asked to anonymously complete a ‘technology integration’ survey, which was designed to gather information about their ICT practices and dispositions.

One-to-one training sessions were held between the IT integration specialist and the selected teachers. These were recorded with project team members recording short video bytes of the lesson and the teacher describing the lesson and/or planning. After the initial filming the project team members asked participants to reflect on their lesson/unit to identify any substantial change(s).


What did we learn?

The lessons were filmed because the video recordings have proven to be an effective tool for reflection and learning.

At the time of writing this report the survey results were still being gathered and analysed, however, initial results of the survey and the feedback from the video reflections suggest that technology is a valuable resource for teachers and students, and video is an effective tool for technology integration, and professional reflection.


Next steps

The captured video bytes will be edited and shared for good practice with all teachers in a video archive.